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Poker Casino and Bingo Chat Rules

Online casino, poker room and bingo have an interactive online chat, here are some basic chat rules.

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Some casinos, poker rooms and bingo rooms offer online chat. (Look for "Group Tables", "group chat", "table chat" or like this).

In order to use the chat functions in the casino (poker, bingo) simply click the chat button or the chat link.

A chat box will appear on your screen. Type in your text and press "enter". Please note that the other players will only see what you write if their chat box is open as.

To close the chat box simply click the chat button again, or click the window-X upper right.

Some chat rules you shall know and accept:

(all casinos will have some like this, if they offer chatting):

  • 1. No offensive or abusive language.
  • 2. No complaining. Issue complaints to customer service via the Help Desk.
  • 3. No exchanging account information.
  • 4. No mentioning or discussing any other online bingo, casino or poker site.
  • 5. No asking or hinting for a loan in chat.

Any chat activity that violates these rules will result in chat privileges being revoked.