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Big River Texas Hold'em

A new version of Texas Hold’em online called Big River Texas entered to the Internet.

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If you’re a lover of Texas Hold’em, you need to try Big River for yourself to witness how this big bet actually adds excitement and strategy to the game.

The unique feature of Big River Texas is the river bet, where the bettor (or raiser) has the option of betting the normal river bet or what’s called a "big bet" (or "big raise", if applicable), equivalent to five times the normal river bet!

Big River Texas Hold'em Poker is a Community Card Game

All players share the five community cards turned face up in the middle of the table. This aspect of shared cards creates many exciting possibilities since many times the winner of the hand is determined not by the actual pairs that you have made with your hand, but by the kicker (next highest value card) that you hold when the other card has made a pair.

Position is very important in this as well as in all flop games, since when you have the button (becoming the theoretical dealer), you are last to act on every betting round. "Tight up front" and "loose in the back" is the phrase most heard by Hold'em players in brick and mortar cardrooms.

Large amounts of action before and after the flop are created in Hold'em, since many pots are jammed (raised and reraised) by one player with high cards against another player with a pocket pair, each betting on the relative strength that they place on these particular hands. Have fun with this brand-new game!