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Casino Games

Main rules and tips of other popular online casino games like Keno, Pai Gow.

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Casino Games

The description you find on this page will differ from Casino to Casino. That’s because most have their own casino games. Please use the recommended Casinos shown on our Site, they are "trusted".

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Select your casino and go to the KENO game.

The keno game-board will differ from Casino to Casino. Here a standard keno gaming – situation:

First select your "Price" you want to pay. It will cost you $5 to play whether you select 1 number, 2 numbers, or however many numbers you choose (up to the maximum of the Site). You will notice that the winnings for a $5 game are 5 times greater than the amount won if you played a $1 game. Likewise, the winnings for a $5 game are half those of a $10 game. There are different "House Rules" and "Prices", so have a look before starting.

Click on the number you wish to select. You will see your selected number is signed with a color, blinks or get a star. You may select as many numbers as you like up to a maximum total of numbers (see the Rules of the site). To unselect a number, click on the number again.

Click the START button and selection of the winning numbers will begin by launching small silver balls from the Keno machine. Winning numbers are determined by where these silver balls land. If a ball lands on a number that you have selected, it is considered a "match" and will be marked with a star or it highlights or blinks.

When a ball lands on a number that you have not selected, you will see another sign.

Payouts are determined the by the number of matches you make, so the more "stars" you see, the better! A status screen will show you how many numbers have matched during this game.

You can play continuously, that means, if you have played one game of Keno, you can play another game using your previous selection of numbers by clicking the START button again. To clear your previous number selection and begin selecting new numbers, just left click on any number.


Select your casino and go to the PAI GOW game.

The Pai Gow game-board will differ from Casino to Casino. Here a standard Pai Gow gaming – situation:


Select the amount to raise or lower your bet by choosing the chips on the bet panel you will se after starting the game.

You will have a "bet" circle near the center of the table. Left-click inside: You will place your current bet amount on the table - adding to any.

Right-click inside the circle: Remove your current bet amount from the table.

Example: Change from the initial bet of $5 to $10, simply click on the arrow above the $5 chip in the Bet Console. The bet amount has now been raised to $10. Clicking inside the orange circle near the center of the table places a $10 bet (two $5 chips). Click again inside the orange circle will place another $10 for a total bet of $20. If you right-click inside the golden circle you will remove $10 from the table, leaving $10.


A minimum bet is required to start the deal. If the total bet placed on the table is at least the required minimum, a DEAL button will light up, indicating that you may click it to start the deal. Once the DEAL button is clicked, bets can no longer be changed or removed, and the game begins with the initial deal.

If you haven't placed any bets on the table before clicking DEAL - Button, the current bet amount displayed in the Bet Console will automatically be placed on the table and the game will begin. This allows to you start a new game quickly by just clicking the DEAL button again. If you have sufficient funds, the game will begin using the same bet made in the previous game.


After the cards have been dealt, you must now select two of the initial seven cards to create your low hand. Click on the card that you want to move to your low hand, and it will quickly slide from your high hand to your low hand. You may also click on any card already in the low hand to return it to your high hand.

Once you have both cards in your low hand selected, the Done button will light up. Click the Done button to indicate that you are satisfied with your two hands and are prepared to complete the game. The game ends with the selection of the banker's low hand, followed by the revealing of the banker's two hands.

The display in the bottom right corner of the screen will then indicate whether each of the player's hands wins or loses, and the final result of the game.