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Craps game guide, main craps rules and some tips here at 2 Gamble

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Select your casino and go to the Craps game.

The game-board will differ from Casino to Casino. Here a standard craps gaming - situation:


Select the amount to bet for the game.

You can do this in the place "bet console" or "banking place" or like this. After setting the amount you are able to move chips to the "craps table area", means to set the bet.

There may be min/max - limitations in the casino, so have a look to the rules before starting the game.

  • Placing Bets
  • Left-click inside the designated betting areas on the Craps table:
  • You will place your current bet amount on the table - adding to any chips that might already be there.
  • Right-click inside one of the designated betting areas: Remove your current bet amount from the table.

Note that some bets can only be made when there is a point established, while others can only be made on the "come out roll". The specific site will show you, which bets can be made on the "come out roll" and which bets can be made once a point has been established.

For example, to change from the initial bet of $5 to $10, simply click on the arrow above the $5 chip in the Bet Console. The bet amount has now been raised to $10. Clicking on the Pass Line at the bottom of the craps table places a $10 bet (two $5 chips) on the Pass Line. Clicking again on the Pass Line will place another $10 for a total bet of $20 on the Pass Line. If you right-click on the Pass Line you will remove $10 from the table, leaving $10.

Some bets such as

  • "Place",
  • "Don't Place",
  • "Come",
  • "Don't Come",
  • "Buy", and
  • "Lay"
are not marked on a craps table. See the image in your screen where each bet is placed on a craps table. An Odds bet will appear just to the right of a normal bet.

Buy bets and Lay bets are located on the line in the lower right corner of each Come/Don't Come box respectively.

Rolling the Dice

To roll the dice, click the ROLL button. Remember that you cannot make a Pass Line or Don't Pass bet if a point has already been established. You also cannot make Odds bets on the Pass Line or Don't Pass if you did not bet on the Pass Line or Don't Pass prior to establishing the point.

QUITTING. Once the dice have been rolled, payouts will be made according to the outcome of the dice. At this time, some bets may remain on the table (either because they were neither won nor lost, or they were automatically replaced). You are not permitted to quit a craps game if you currently have active bets on: Pass Line, Don't Pass, Come, or Don't Come. If you quit craps with any other bets on the table, these bets will be immediately returned to your balance.

OFF AND ON. Some bets are automatically replaced on the table when they are won (balance permitting). These include all the Horn bets, the Any Seven bet, the Any Craps bet, as well as a come bet in a numbered position if there is another bet in the "COME" box. When the come bet is automatically replaced, it is called an Off and On. In this case, both the come bet and the odds in the numbered position are replaced, and the bet in the "COME" box remains in the "COME" box. You have the choice of removing the odds from the replaced bet as well as taking down the "COME" bet. For example, lets assume you have a come 6 bet with odds, a bet in the "COME" box, and you roll a 6. The come 6 bet and its odds are won, so they are removed from the table. Normally the "COME" bet then slides into the 6 position. However, because you had a bet that just won in the 6 position, the winning come 6 bet and its odds are automatically replaced and the bet in the "COME" box stays.